Thursday, June 24, 2010


In the spirit of the Wereldkampioenschap Voetbal (Go Orange!), Putz decided it would be a good idea to obtain some vuvuzelas! James took the initiative and bought a quantity in bulk from China. This supply was purchased rapidly by summer residents of Putz. The blaring B flat is now heard often on hall as Putzen celebrate in the pleasure of making noise!

I painted my own dull blue instrument in South African colors with some of Maja's pretty acrylics and added an orange stripe for the Dutch.

This evening, the usual call for hall feed was accompanied by a chorus of vuvuzelas! In case you haven't heard enough in the past couple weeks, here is a video (because embedding does not work).

Tune to vigilance on Saturday at 3:00 to watch us cheering for the USA-Ghana match.

The capabilities of the vuvuzelas have been pushed to their limits. It has been discovered that they can play multiple tones, function well as rendezvous locating devices, and generate interesting sound interference patterns when directed against each other.

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