Wednesday, June 16, 2010

From the Desk of the \m/it \m/echanical \m/ischief \m/aster

Look! A flying shopping cart!

I installed a utility winch on the ceiling of MITERS today. LOLrioKart is a fun vehicle and all, but it takes up way too much floor space. It's also really damn heavy. So the winch serves the dual purpose of being a work hoist for the times I need to change parts or work on the battery pack, as well as an aerial storage location.

I bolted the 1,500lb line pull ATV winch (a craigslist find) to a 1/2" aluminum plate, which was in turn anchored into the solid concrete (welcome to early 1900s industrial buildings) ceiling. If I installed everything correctly, each 1/4" x 2" Tapcon screw should hold a maximum of 1,100 pounds. There are five screws holding the plate on, so the failure point of the fasteners ought to be well above the winch's dead lift stall load rating.

I learned that the best way to use a hammerdrill isn't to push as hard as you physically can, but to let it float itself into the workpiece. By pushing on the drill hard, the chisel motion is dampened and not as effective.

I also learned that I am not nearly manly enough to wield a hammerdrill, nor to drive concrete bolts with a power tool.

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