Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My Past 3 Weeks.

As I am now back at MIT with internet faster than 28.8 kbps, I feel my adventures of the past few weeks should be shared with the putzen far and wide.

So first, as most of you know, I went to Oregon. This was my first time to the west coast, so I was pretty excited.

I hung out in Eugene for a few days, where I saw my cousin (who is in the sculpting grad program at the University of Oregon), rode in Leighton's electric hippie van, and met a few of Leighton's friends (which explains so much).

This is an awesome picture of a bunch of at the top of Spencer's Butte. I'm standing by my cuz and the rest are Leighton's crazy friends.
Leighton's mother also took us on a day trip to the coast and the aquarium. We saw otters and seals and puffins. They were so cute :)

Then me and Leighton went adventuring. We spent a night camping near the coast before heading towards Ashland to see Pride and Prejudice (which was suggested by Leighton's mother and was surprising good).

This is a photo from the coast which I think is gorgeous.

Then we headed to meet up with Tevie and Cathy Wu. On the way we were looking for food, we went through a little town known as Prospect. We were intrigued by the only three places in town; a "Cafe and Trophy Room", a pawn shop which was also the main residence of its owner, and the Liquor store which also had groceries. On the way out of town, a young mother holding a child stared us down, we are still not sure why...

The next day we headed toward Crater Lake with Tevie and Cathy Wu. We also went shovel riding and as mentioned by Tevie, I have some amazing videos.

This is Cathy Wu as she was confused how ride down on the shovel.

And one of Tevie!

And then my personal favorite of Leighton. I think his reasoning was that maybe more momentum was needed for this piece of plastic to work as a sled.

After saying goodbye to Tevie and Cathy Wu, we headed back up to Eugene for a quick stop before I left the next morning. The drive was beautiful.

So then I headed home for a week, which was, well, home. I had quite an exciting time with some of my friends as we went on a trip to Pittsburgh though. We ended up driving into a storm which had been causing hail and tornadoes, getting locked down at one of my friends dorms, and then driving back trying to stay between two of the storm fronts. It was somewhat epic.

So this would normally not be exciting, considering I had a 9 hour drive by myself. However, 2 hours into my drive, in the middle of central PA, I spotted something which looked familiar. It was painted with a yellow stripe, had a 'T' with a circle on it, and had a 1 on the back. I looked at it confused, thinking it was just another random public transportation vehicle which resembled the ones constantly running up and down Mass Ave. But as I passed it (for it couldn't even reach speeds of 50 mph on the highway), I realized it said "Mass Ave-Dudley" across the front. I stopped at the next rest station, ate lunch, waited for it to pass, and then caught back up to get Putz the following video. Don't mind my excitement, but seriously, its like a super lost 1 bus.

So it probably was getting delivered, considering it looks new, but seriously, you would think they could turn of the sign for the drive up.

and finally...
So Tevie has been wanting to go, and we wanted to go for a walk.

And then another picture of Putzen looking, well, like normal.

Sorry for being so long winded. If you want more pictures look at my facebook :D


  1. okay so in that picture where tevie's mouth was open, i definitely thought he had grown a beard...don't do it tevie! we can only take so much!