Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Xi'an and the Terra Cotta Army

Hi Putz!
Hello from Shanghai!  As you may know I'm interning this summer in China, but i get the weekends off (kinda) to go travel.  This past weekend I went to Xi'an to see the Terra Cotta soldiers.  There are 8,000 soldiers in total to protect the dead emperor of China who's buried in a tomb near by.  The soldiers include foot soldiers, generals, and kneeling archers.  When the soldiers were found they were in pieces because the wooden roof above them had collapsed and the 5m of dirt above them crushed the soldiers.  All of the whole soldiers today have been rebuilt.  It can take a year to rebuild a soldier.  Pictures are below.
Eating Pig Feet in Shanghai

Plague explaining how a farmer found the soldiers while digging a well in 1974 and was the first to tell the government of its existence.

Tomb 1 filled with soldiers, the solders in the front have been rebuilt

Me with the soldiers 

Some of the soldiers being rebuilt, notice the details on their faces

What the soldiers looked like when they were found

The special kneeling archer soldier, the profile looks like the shape of the province where they are located 

One of the same bronze chariot and horses, its made to look like a turtle shell and carry the wealthy

Temple in the middle of Xi'an City

A road in Xi'an city, there's a lot of people in China

The kneeling archer soldiers broke less because they are short.  The remains of the wooden housing can be seen on either side of the soldier remains.  

Have a happy summer Putz!!

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