Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A Taste of Italy

As some of you may know, I have recently departed Boston to fuck around for half a year before moving to the bay area like all good little software engineers end up doing. My first stop was a post-graduation trip (for Angela, just a ... I don't know. Post-whatever-the-fuck-I've-been-doing trip for me) to Italy. I've been blogging over at, but I thought I'd review some choice highlights here.

1) Dicks. So many dicks. There will be even more dicks in the future in the post on visiting Pompeii. Like literal dick windchimes with little dick arms and wings AND THEIR OWN PERSONAL SMALLER DICKS.

Yes, Putz. You will be receiving this postcard shortly at some point.

2) Angela and I found our future selves on the streets on Venice. Oops.

3) We visited a place named the Doge's palace. Angela giggled every time. No we have no idea how it's actually pronounced.

4) LITERAL BLOOD IN THE SISTINE CHAPEL. EW. Also, anxiety attacks.

5) Gelato!

6) Food in general!

7) SO MUCH Italian history knowledge. And random facts about statues.

Love you all! I've only been drunk for about 30% of this trip, so you should be proud.

Waiting to hear about all your adventures! Love,

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