Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Beginning

Today Mark, Jaguar, and I went to the Haight Ashbury Street Fair. Jaguar and I have not been to Haight Street since our first day in San Francisco, when we wandered into the neighborhood and in the span of several minutes walked by two very old, very naked dudes, and a guy holding a sign that read "Smile if you masturbate!"

Spatz is unaccustomed to direct sunlight.
Nothing about the street fair was too out of the ordinary, yet the juxtaposition of the gentrified population and the tiny, Bohemian booths amused me. I would break down the crowd's demographic as 80% yuppie, 19.4% elderly hippie, and .6% putz.

"None of these match my bandana."
Rockin' out, next to the local Whole Foods.
We also went to In-N-Out today. Spatz told me to order a "grilled cheese animal style," so I did. It turns out their secret menu is real. I didn't take any photos there, so here are more photos of the street fair.

There is a medical marijuana dispensary in
this record store. Also a bowling alley.

"How does this neighborhood have
so many head shops?"

Tomorrow is Spatz's first day at Apple. Maybe we will take a group photo together. We'll see.


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