Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Free Food in Hong Kong

So I didn't expect there to be free food in Hong Kong. There's no tech talks, no free food mailing list, etc. In fact, I budgeted to spend USD$1500/month for food while I'm there. But recently, I discovered that there is food at Arup, the company I'm working at.

Every so often, building equipment suppliers come in to pitch their product to engineers and persuade them to install them in the buildings they design. And often, these suppliers also bring food to bribe engineers to come and listen. I attended one of these talks and they had fancy salmon sandwiches that were really good. Its just that one boxed lunch isn't enough for me.

So I waited for leftovers. But when the talk ended, I realized I wasn't the only one waiting for free food. 5 completely shameless people jumped out of their chair and ran straight for the food. I was a bit too slow and polite to get any.

Apparently, the different teams at the office send delegates to these talks to haul back the free food and share it amongst themselves. Sounds a lot like EC....

Here's the guy that brought back 8 boxes of food for my team. I think I need to learn some free food tricks from him.

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