Tuesday, July 5, 2011


...was delicious! We made 12 brand new flavors, including 3 sorbets and a vegan flavor, and a lot of them were awesome. The winners seemed to be the mango lemon sorbet, pear ginger sorbet, roasted strawberry balsamic ice cream, and chocolate sea salt. We got fully funded by residential life for being part of the East Campus 4th of July celebrations; and the best part was people weren't pigging out so we had lots of leftover ice cream. Here are a few discoveries we made that can be put to use for further CryoFACs:
-actual baking chocolate tastes much better than cocoa powder and is easier to work with (no sifting!)
-with sorbets, half the sugar that the original recipe suggests is still too much
-dulce de leche bubbles up a lot when baking.
Thanks to everyone who helped make ice cream, set up, serve, clean up, and make extra ice cream. Maybe Featherweight can post some pictures.
Also, the fireworks were very nice from the sailing pavilion. Many people even heeded Tevis's gazillion e-mails about getting sailing cards. Fireworks were pretty, and maybe RJ can post some pictures of those.

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  1. Yey fourth of July! My photos are here...


    Although if you have google+ you have probably seen them already! Btw, is there a better way for me to do this?