Friday, August 6, 2010

Oh why not

Some of the delectable food available in China ;P
(I purposefully asked for dishes I wouldn't be able to get in America). I think my relatives called them 木虫, although that must be one of several common names. They actually taste quite nice. If you close your eyes, all you can tell is that you're eating something friend, crunchy, and small. :D

The kids I was with were squeamish about eating this dish, actually. But they do really like pig tails (dish visible to the left back).

EDIT: 8.7.10:  Actually, they are 竹虫, bamboo bore / worm [larvae]. Not wood insects. Sorry, I don't know my insects.

(yes, this is a cross-post from my blog)


  1. ooo nom. is it at all comparable to something westerners would find familiar?